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Meet: Barima Agyemang

A Passion for Coding
Barima, an 11-year-old aspiring software engineer, has spent his entire life in Cape Coast with his family. At the tender age of 7, his coding journey began when he met his father’s friend, a software engineer who answered his many questions about computers and programming. 
By the time he was enrolled in the STEAMina boot camp at Algo Peers, he already knew what coding was, and he wanted practical experience. The boot camp exposed him to the challenges around him, and with the support of his Peer Learning mentors, he applied the concepts of STEAM education to some of these real-world challenges.
Building a Conversational Agent with Dedication and Perseverance
During a coding challenge, Barima identified an opportunity to build a conversational agent using GPT model to assist him with his research. Despite a busy school schedule, he dedicated 5 minutes every day to coding. His parents wholeheartedly supported him, providing all the assistance and reassurance.
His hands-on experience from building projects for the Do Your :Bit Challenge prepared him for the task. There were moments when he got stuck and struggled, but after three weeks of consistent programming, he completed the model and was ready for testing.
After a successful test, his parents were filled with joy, knowing their son already showed signs of greatness.
A Proud Achievement and a New Adventure
Barima’s sense of accomplishment is palpable, and his parents’ joy is evident. He has already achieved a remarkable milestone. But his road to becoming a software engineer has just begun.
He possesses a remarkable ability to identify problems that require solutions, but more significantly, he demonstrates a strong desire to conduct research and acquire the necessary knowledge to develop effective solutions. At 11 years old, he grasps the value of mentorship and actively seeks to understand software engineering through inquisitive questioning. He thrives in teamwork and prefers to collaborate with his Algo Peers to solve problems rather than work alone.
Barima loves to hang out with his family. One of Barima’s favorite spots in Cape Coast is Lemon Beach Resort. He appreciates their exceptional customer service and continuous efforts to enhance their services. This attention to quality aligns with his focus on problem-solving and developing effective solutions.
Determined to continue his software engineering journey, Barima now has his sights on a new project – building a Fante Hymnal App for his mother. With unwavering determination, Barima has immersed himself in research to find a way to fulfill his mother’s request.
After working hard to build his own conversational agent, there is no doubt he will succeed at this new adventure, too. Watch out for Part 2 of Barima’s Road to Software Engineering to follow his inspiring progress.

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