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Meet: Kimberly Nyiraba Acquah

Becoming a Professional Nurse in the Future

Kimberly Nyiraba Acquah is one of our youngest Algo Peers. She resides in Cape Coast and attends Calvary Hillcrest Schools. She is 7 years old. In 2023, the young girl felt she was missing out; her cousin Deladem, an Algo Peer, shared many experiences with her that got her curious about being an Algo Peer.

In her own words, “I wanted to know how it would feel if I joined and became an Algo Peer.”

Fortunately for her, convincing her parents to enroll her wasn’t difficult. She joined the STEAMina boot camp in 2023, becoming one of the youngest Algo Peers.

Asked how it feels to be an Algo Peer, Kimberly says “It feels nice and brings me happiness and confidence.” Unlike several other Peers who want to become software engineers, Kimberly wants to be a nurse in the future: “I want to help people to feel better and help them so that they’ll get the right medicine to be healthy.” And to help her become a nurse, here’s how she thinks Algo Peers is helping her:

“Algo Peers is preparing us to be stronger and have more knowledge in our brains so that when it’s the future we can know everything we need to do.”

At Algo Peers, Kimberly’s involvement in the “Do Your :Bit” challenge was notable. As the team lead for her group, Team Pempamsie, she embarked on the “Heart Pulse Sensing With Micro:bit” project with her group. Acting much like a stethoscope, they placed the pulse sensor on the side of their necks to feel their pulse. Their faces lit up in excitement as the micro:bit’s LEDs illuminated, syncing perfectly with their heartbeats.

Kimberly’s enthusiasm was not limited to this project alone, she is a powerhouse. In the 30-Day Coding challenge designed to help them develop coding habits, the future nurse was among the most active participants, completing all her tasks successfully.

She took on the challenge and completed every one of them. She faced challenges, but she was able to overcome all of them with the help of her parents and Peer Learning Mentors (PLMs). According to the PLMs, she was the most active person during the challenge, although she also happens to be the youngest  Algo Peer.

Her Parents Have Always Supported her Algo Peers Journey

Kimberly shared that they pick her up early at school and get her to the makerspace quickly so she can partake in Algo Peers activities.

Kimberly thinks Algo Peers prepares kids for the future, and every kid can join. Her words to parents are: “Please, they should support their kids to join Algo Peers so that they’ll get the knowledge and encouragement to continue their work.”

A kindhearted girl, Kimberly says she loves to help her peers in school understand challenging lessons. Kimberly loves fufu with light chicken soup. She loves to go to Victoria Park every 6th of March to watch Independence Day events.

Kimberly Acquah’s journey to becoming a nurse has just begun. How will it unfold in the next few months, or the next few years? And how will her STEAM education tag along while she pursues the nursing profession? 

Humans of Algo Peers will return with more on Kimberly’s journey.

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